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Astrology Readings

In person, by Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger

Birth chart Reading

Astrology Readings

Relationship Reading

a) Personal Consultations

I’m available for in-person private consultations/readings at Brisbane, Australia and also on-line sessions via Zoom, Skype, Messenger etc.


Private sessions with me are in-depth, inspiring and uplifting. I focus on you…. who you are, where you are in your life, your current challenges and how you are facing them, your karmic patterning, family conditioning, health issues etc. Sometimes it’s all about an immediate issue, sometimes the big picture themes of your soul in this incarnation…. and/or a combination.


If this is your first ever astrology reading, we’ll be exploring your horoscope (birth chart) together to give you an astrological understanding of who you are, what you’re all about and what is ready to be shown to you at that time. We meet in sacred space together……. and as we enter your birthchart, the planets and patterns in the chart begin to speak to us and more is revealed.


Subsequent sessions take us into deeper layers and current conditions. If you’re more experienced with astrology, we’ll focus more on the current influences of transits and progressions and how the year or 2 ahead are shaping up for you. Understanding what phase of life you’re in and what processes are at work in your life at that time is immensely helpful.


Many clients book a reading with me on a yearly basis or when they are going through a challenging life passage and seek perspective and clarity. Again and again I hear from clients how confirming, supportive and healing the sessions are for them.


I also use different astrological techniques and tools such as progressions, Solar Returns, asteroids, the Black Moon Lilith and the Divine Feminine, astro-mapping (relocation, travel), health themes, relationship and synastry, children’s charts, family systems.


We are all unique, complex and multi-dimensional beings and we all seek to know ourselves more fully, to fulfil our purpose, to be clear about why we are here, to be whole and more fully alive and authentic. Astrology is a sacred tool and a symbolic language that helps to decipher the mystery of who we are. Your Horoscope is your map, your unique blueprint in this incarnation.


All my astrology consults are 90 minutes and the fee is AU$220. This is payable by cash (in person), direct bank deposit or Paypal for overseas clients.


What you receive for the session:

  1. A 90 minute session with me in person or online

  2. An mp3 recording of our session together

  3. Any charts used in the session


b) Solar Fire Reports


These are well-written, computer-generated reports by well-known Australian Astrologers. They can be a great starting point if you are new to astrology and give many excellent insights to students of astrology, but do not replace the capacity of a good astrology to weave the subtleties and intricacies of your whole chart.


Goddess Report:12 Asteroid Goddesses in your Natal Chart. 45 pages

Zodiac Child: a report of the Natal Chart of a young child. 15 pages

Kindred Spirits:insight into relationship issues in your Natal Chart. 25 pages

Health and Wellbeing:your health, energy, general wellbeing. 20 pages


Each report is $35 and sent to you as a pdf document.

yearly Transit Reading

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