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"The night sky will teach you. It is vastness itself. Limitless. This is YOUR nature that you are seeing. Breathe in the night sky, greet your family - the stars - and merge with the comforting blue-black of space. It is time for you to begin to know yourself. Look up and awaken. Look up and awaken. It is time."   The Great Council of the Grandmothers

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Many amazing astrology, spiritual and life teachers from different backgrounds and traditions have taught and inspired me over the years and the focus has always been on healing, transformation, empowerment and love. I have taught and consulted in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and India.

  1. Member and Fellow of the FAA (Federation of Australian Astrologers)

  2. Qualified Practitioner of Astrology (FAA)

  3. B.A. Dip Ed Qld Uni


I absolutely Loved my reading and connecting with you! You are such a powerful, wise, beautiful soul. I love the work you’re doing and I’m going to spread the word about you️.  Thank you again!  

Deborah Ward   


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