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Birth chart Reading
Foundation Course.jpg

This course is run over 9 x 1-day classes throughout 2024,
starting on Sunday 11th February.
Forest Lake, Brisbane Qld.

The first 4 classes are scheduled for the following dates:

1. Sunday February 11th

2. Sunday 10th March

3. Sunday 29th April

4. Sunday 26th May

The Foundation Course is ideal for beginners in astrology and also for those who have been dabbling for maybe even years and feel that now is the time to begin to build a firmer foundation in your knowledge.

By the end of the year you'll understand all the principles of the signs, planets, houses and aspects and how to read a Natal Chart.

You'll also learn a great deal about your own chart and understand more about the people in your life.

Pluto enters Aquarius this year and it's time for astrology to truly come into its own.



Thank you so much Babula for the amazing workshop on Venus yesterday. Sitting in the circle holding my Venus to my heart, I experienced many insights into my own journey. 

You have such a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience from many areas not just astrology. With love, optimism, gentleness and allowing, you encourage and support us to shine. It was such a joy to be in your Presence. 

Rhonda Ohlsen  Feldenkrais Practitioner, Healer, Singing Coach

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